A/C Name: Kaalmo Relief and Development (KRD) 
Bank Name: National Bank of Kenya Limited 
A/C No: 02042087688800 
Currency: USD 
Branch: Kenyatta Avenue Amana Center 
Bank Sort Code: 12-002 




The main geographic focus of KRD is South-Central Zone of Somalia; particularly, Jubaland, Southwest and Galmudug regional States.  These are areas where humanitarian needs loom large every year due to recurrent natural and manmade calamities such as droughts, floods, Tsunami and violent conflicts, which mainly affect the pastoral, agro-pastoral, fishing and riverine communities in our geographic coverage area. Humanitarian space is limited and sometimes access is precarious due to insecurity, poor roads and floods. Climate change is affecting adversely the livelihoods of pastoral, agro-pastoral, fishing and riverine communities who live Jubaland, southwest and Galmudug regional States in the form of recurrent droughts, floods and Tsunami. KRD has its main office in Belet-Hawa town which locates in the triangle that brings together Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia. KRD has also a liaison office in Nairobi Kenya. However, KRD is planning to expand to other parts in Somalia including Lower and Middle Juba regions and Galgadud region of Central Somalia, and Northern Kenya when circumstances permit.





KRD envisions a "poverty-free, empowered and democratic society which is guided by the values of equity, transparency, accountability, inclusion and respect”.

Livelihood Support

The objective of this programme is to assist the community generate self- sustaining incomes through small enterprises. The Community Livelihood improvement activities include Planning and promoting income activities such as family farms, small scale farming and introduction of new farming methods and techniques.

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

The objective of this area of operation is to increase availability of clean water to the target communities through construction and rehabilitation of water sources, formation of water committees at district and village level, promote sanitation and hygiene.

Peace Building and Conflict Resolution

The organization, in a bid to bring peace and reconciliation in the region has mediated between two warring clans. The cause has been as a result of dispute over grazing land. All the stolen livestock has been returned to the respective owners and peaceful co-existence now exists among the clans.