Child protection/Education and vocational training for youth

Published on Tuesday, 18 January 2011 11:07
  1. ·         The aim of this programme is to support youth with vocational education (e.g. tailoring, dressmaking, carpentry, masonry, computer classes and adult literacy and numeracy skills) the proposed programme will train youth in business management and will give them entrepreneurship skills. Unemployed youth, school drop-outs and ex-militias will be also supported with life skills training to enable them access economic opportunities.

    ·         Facilitate durable socio-economic reintegration and ensure that community-based programmes are in place to support the reintegration of children involved in armed conflict and prevent their re-recruitment by delivering appropriate services to at risk youth.

    ·         Strengthen community-based child protection mechanisms through mobilization and capacity building for existing local and district level structures and authorities by increasing their knowledge, skills, strengths and capacities to respond to child protection concerns.