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1 Strengthening the Role of Women and clan Elders in Peace building through Traditional Conflict Resolution Mechanisms. Beled-Xaawo UMCOR[1]


January–Dec 2013
2 Improving food security and Access to Livelihood Opportunities for women IDPs in Female Headed Households. Beled-Xaawo SDC[2] April-September 2014
3 Emergency WASH Response for Crisis Vulnerable Populations Beled-Xaawo Diakonia, Sweden Nov 2014-April 2015
4 Emergency Access to Food for Crisis Affected Populations Beled-Xaawo UMCOR Sept-Oct 2015




Food Security and Livelihood Support for flood Affected Pastoral, Agro-pastoral and IDP Communities Beled-Xaawo UMCOR



January–April 2016
7 Emergency Drought Response (Distribution of NFIs for the drought affected IDP populations) Beled-Xaawo Americares May-July 2017
8 Improving the Health, Safety and Security of Women, Girls and Children in Najah IDP Camp. Beled-Xaawo Italian Development Cooperation September-December 2017
9 Strengthening democracy, human rights and peace building in South central Somalia. Beled-Xaawo Forum Syd July 2017- December 2020
10 Promoting inclusive education in Somalia (PIES) Dolow Youth for Development Denmark (YFDD) August – December 2018
11 Promoting menstrual hygiene management among primary school girls from marginalized communities Beled-Xaawo Australian Embassy January – July 2018
12 Livelihood and Food Security improvement project Beled-Xaawo Presbyterian Hunger Programme (PHP) July 2018- Aug 2019
13 Improving Food Security and Recovery of Livelihoods of Poor Vulnerable Agro-pastoral and Riverine Farmer Households in Somalia Beled-Xaawo Italian Development Cooperation January – December 2019
14 Enhancing livelihoods of small-scale farmers through fodder production Gedo region ICRISAT & VSF-Suisse May 2019 – June 20121
15 Inclusive Local Economic Development Project Dolow NIS/EU April 2019 May 2021
16 Transition, stability and democratization Programme Gedo region EISA/SIDA May 2020-July 2022
17 Promoting Climate Resilient Food Production for Vulnerable and Food Insecure Agro-pastoral in Gedo region Beled-Xaawo Fondazione L’Albero della Vita onlus March 2022 – April 20223
18 Empowering and promoting local Society Organizations (CSOs) in south central Somalia Jubaland Swedish International Liberal Center (SILC) Jan 2022 – February 2023

[1] United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR)

[2] Swiss Development Cooperation agency (SDC)